The Final Assignment

I became their teacher in November. No formal training, education, nada. Most would say that I was at a disadvantage being given seniors. This is the result of simply teaching with what’s in my head and in my heart for my kids.   At the end of the semester, I created a written assignment for my students. A few students complained since it was a math course. A few were eager to write as it was worth a quiz grade replacement.   Ms. Royster’s Final Self-Reflection Assignment As you all know, I am a writer at heart. I decided to share my love for writing with you all. Luckily for you I will be dropping your lowest quiz grade and replacing it with a completion grade. Below are the requirements for the assignment.   Your Self-Reflection Needs to Be: Handwritten on college ruled notebook paper (I have plenty!) Turned in at any time but no later than the last day of class One page minimum (but you are more than welcome to write as much as you’d like beyond the one page) Transparent. Be honest.   Please respond to all of the following: How has this course impacted me? This impact can be positive or negative depending on your experience.   How will the skills that I have acquired in this course assist me with future success?   What other skills may I need to adapt to give me the […]

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