You’re Not Communicating

There are a million ways to communicate And yet you choose the one We go from everyday to nonverbal to every now and then, then straight to none   The I’m busy Oh i forgot to send the text I’m adding them to your collection of excuses And wondering what’s next   We make a conscious effort for the things that we want to make time for Perhaps you don’t wanna make the conscious effort for me anymore   We used to say good morning Now we say nothing at all We used to say how is your day And now you don’t even answer my calls   The message you’re sending Is that i should probably cut and run Because I’m not high enough on your priority level And we all know that’s no fun   Being put on the back burner While everything else is on the forefront But as soon as your dick misses me Communication with me is priority level one   Oh wait it’s not like that Don’t be like that Don’t do me like that It is what it is It’s just x it’s just y it’s just z No, i get it kid   Communication requires a sender And a receiver And right now this communication Has neither   We were so excited in the beginning When we exchanged numbers And now you seem to struggle to remember To even send a smoke […]

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