That one email that burns me to my soul While we have carefully reviewed your resume, we have decided to pursue other candidates, whose qualifications are more closely aligned with the requirements of the role But what about me How can I learn the skills if I’m never given the opportunity THEY said “go get an advanced degree So I did yet and still you constantly overlook me My hair isn’t burned to the roots or blonde and straightened to my shoulders Perhaps that’s why you don’t consider me over and over Maybe my skin isn’t light enough And no matter what car I drive, the degrees I hold, the languages I speak or how proper I talk I’ll still never be white enough Does my work ethic upset you My productivity speaks for itself Cause I work like I’ve got something to prove And everything to lose Is it my fault that my confidence makes my superiors feel inferior You see For me  Since day one I’ve been taught to work twice as hard, be twice as smart, be twice as good to even try to occupy spaces for people that look like me  Where there are none So when you pride yourself on “diversity” Are you even talking about me?    

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