Self-Care Corner for You and Yo Girls

Working on something cool. And you can join if you like.

So a group of friends and I do the thorns and roses “check in” quite often.

We identify what some of our “thorns” are in whatever timeframe we wanna discuss. Sometimes it’s about the day, the week or the month.

The thorns are all the negatives. The disappointments. The lowlights. The sorrows. The trials.

The roses were all the beautiful things. The milestones. The highlights. The happy moments. The moments we felt joy.

We give each other feedback. Raw. Organic and unfiltered. We receive the feedback. Raw. Organic. Unfiltered.

When I tell you this is one of the healthiest sets of friendships I have!!!!!

We are our own group therapy and I’m honored to share this earth with them.

Perhaps you and “yo girls” could use this activity to bring you all even closer.

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