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Shannon Baskett- Fashion Designer

Do you ever get tired of buying clothes? Or how about rocking other people’s brands? Have you considered starting your own clothing line? I know someone who did just that! Meet Shannon! Name: Shannon Baskett Hometown: Henderson, NC Age: 31 Business: Fashion Designer It all started……. when I was in high school, I would cut up my clothes. Draw on […]

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Book Review: Roadmap: The Get It Together Guide for Figuring Out What to Do with Your Life by Roadtrip Nation

Roadtrip Nation began as just that, a road trip amongst friends- Nathan Gebhard, Brian McAllister and Mike Marriner. In 2001 they set out on a journey to discover the next steps for their lives. Since then, they have traveled the country in a bright green RV interviewing people that have created their lives around their personal interests. Pretty dope right? […]

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Nappily Ever After

Finally. A movie for us. This film detailed the common struggle amongst many African-American women- our hair. It all began here for most of us. As I wrote this, I heard the jingle in my head and I think back to when the boxes came with the cassette tapes.   I can also still smell my hair being burned with […]

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