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Who Brought the Potato Salad?

This blog has two parts. Part 1: Avoid looking stupid in front of family and friends Part 2: Avoid getting fired at the office potluck Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Everyone is eager to showcase their cooking talents right? So you’ve found your way to the sign up sheet for the work potluck. Or you’ve agreed to bring something […]

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Shannon Baskett- Fashion Designer

Do you ever get tired of buying clothes? Or how about rocking other people’s brands? Have you considered starting your own clothing line? I know someone who did just that! Meet Shannon! Name: Shannon Baskett Hometown: Henderson, NC Age: 31 Business: Fashion Designer It all started……. when I was in high school, I would cut up my clothes. Draw on […]

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Book Review: Roadmap: The Get It Together Guide for Figuring Out What to Do with Your Life by Roadtrip Nation

Roadtrip Nation began as just that, a road trip amongst friends- Nathan Gebhard, Brian McAllister and Mike Marriner. In 2001 they set out on a journey to discover the next steps for their lives. Since then, they have traveled the country in a bright green RV interviewing people that have created their lives around their personal interests. Pretty dope right? […]

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