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Little Monsters

*To the instrumental of Pretty Girl Rock by Keri Hilson “My name is Rocky, I’m so foxy, fly oh my just a lil bit cocky”……ok clearly I shouldn’t quit my day job to become a singer, so I’ll stop now. But seriously, I can’t recall a time where I was afraid to be the center of attention. I’ve been in the church […]

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You Know What’s Up

This is the email that never gets sent. You know. The one that you start everyday but backspace to clear it out. Some of us function daily as boiling tea kettles in the workplace. There is so much that needs to be said to all of the right people but when it all boils down to it, we can’t afford to be fired because Duke Energy (or whomever your respective utility provider is) could care less- the bills still have to be paid. This email never really has a subject because regardless of what it says, or who it gets sent to, it will likely be opened, read and moved to a folder by blind eyes wanting to ignore the truth. So I figured, what the hell, why not blog about it? It would go a little something like this…… Can we please stop overusing the word teamwork? It’s a bit of a stretch. Teamwork is just about that, teamwork. Not cliques and favorites. We all should be working together to accomplish team goals and not focusing on demeaning and disrespecting the ideas of others depending on how close you are to the boss. It’s about being able to share ideas as a collective. How about we work on treating each other with kindness, fairness and most importantly respect? K? And another thing. Would you trust a random passenger to fly an airplane? No? Would you trust a toddler to […]

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Getcho Life

I was not….I repeat WAS NOT a podcast listener until this year. I’m more of a reader (post coming soon about that). But The Friend Zone podcast completely changed the game for me. This podcast focuses on mental health, mental wellness, and mental hygiene because……who in the hell wants a musty brain?  If you aren’t listening, you are truly missing out. If you’ve had a conversation with me within the past few months, you’ve heard about this podcast. So many beautiful things have been happening since I started listening. I encourage you (as I did) to go back to listen to the beginning episodes in addition to the newest ones. You won’t be disappointed. I decided to email them to give credit where credit is due. Figured I’d share….. Subject: Y’all get on my nerves … a good way. I don’t even remember how I stumbled upon your podcast but however it happened, just know that I am beyond grateful and with every opportunity I get, I spread the word! You guys have snatched my entire life in every way imaginable. I still have my job because of you. My peace of mind. My health. If my brain had a scent, it would be that of eucalyptus mint. Not only do I listen but I binge listened to the beginning episodes as well just to get the foundation of your work and to hear how much you all have grown. I learned […]

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