Deep In The Heart of Texas

*clears throat I was born and raised in Townsville, NC. At one point I thought I’d die there, but that’s another blog. I have survived 17 long and excruciating winters on occasion. I have some beautiful memories of hs having no power, no water for days at a time, But still being able to beat […]



11/7/17 I fear I am afraid I fear that folks will find out that I’m not really okay when I say that I’m fine (Sometimes) I fear that laughter and lungs full of loud won’t ease the hurt anymore I fear that I wont be able to keep my fantasies at bay To prevent from […]


Days Ago I Met the Sunrise

Days ago I met the sunrise He had dreadlocks and Carolina blue eyes It was as if my imagination was running from me again His intellect matched mine His words were like music Passionate and full of soul I was ready for whatever journey we were about to begin I explained to him that I’m […]