Racquell Royster

30. Austin, TX. BA- Psychology MBA- Project Management Aggie Pride. Manifest that Shit!

Dear Fall 2019 Students

This is not the end. My intention was to create a lasting impact in your lives that was unforgettable. I hope that I have accomplished that. You already know that I’m a writer. I am aware that many of you hate reading. I’ll keep it short I swear. Thank you for compromising as I exit […]


In Case You Were Wondering

As many of you may know (or don’t know), I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety and depression in November 2015. Since then it’s been a colorful rollercoaster to reduce the number of panic attacks, suicide attempts/thoughts and breakdowns. I’m grateful to everyone who’s tagged along, supported me or literally saved my life. Moving forward Pretty […]


Where Does The Time Go?

If you have been following me for a while, you’ll know that at one point, this page offered “creativity coaching” services. I know right. Another “coach.” Well I have since then (last year) tucked away the idea of being branded as a coach. However. I had created all kinds of materials for a “F.O.C.U.S” course […]


To My Students

The writer in me wouldn’t allow for me to end the school year without writing something to you all. So here it goes.   Students. I have heard you. I believe you and believed in you I stand with you I stand for you   You have inspired me to be a better person. A […]