Self Discovery

Dear Fall 2019 Students

This is not the end.

My intention was to create a lasting impact in your lives that was unforgettable. I hope that I have accomplished that.

You already know that I’m a writer. I am aware that many of you hate reading. I’ll keep it short I swear. Thank you for compromising as I exit stage left. Fall 2019 in my classes has been BIG LIT. ON GOD. NO CAP. I have thoroughly enjoyed our lessons and teachable moments. It has been rather difficult trying to stay on topic in class with everything going on in the world. Thank you for bringing your questions, comments and concerns into the classroom. I am honored you have trusted me to allow those conversations to be had.

Thank you to the folks that respected my 9-minute hall pass limit. And for those that didn’t, thank you for leaving the hall pass on the piano bench or under the door before you decided to skip respectfully. Thank you for those that skipped everyone else’s class except mine. I actually brag on that a lot.

Thanks for never disrespecting me (especially when I’ve seen and heard interactions with your other teachers). I’m flattered.

I hope that you never forget my words to you about power. In case you have already, here’s a reminder.

When people lack power in their personal lives, they seek it in other environments.

The classroom is no exception. Don’t let others control your power. You are NOT a puppet. Remember that adults are really just bigger and older kids.

You’ve got 4 years here (well most of you). Make them count. They’ll go by quicker than you think. The stage is inevitable if you’re doing everything within your power to get across it. The choice is yours.

Don’t allow everything that I’ve taught you fall by the wayside. I can’t wait to see you all excel in life.

You all have given me the greatest opportunity to give back and help save the world.

P.S. When I become famous I promise to remember y’all and vice versa.


-Your favorite teacher at RJR


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