Self Discovery

What to do when you want to keep your job but……

…you’re on the verge of slapping the shit out of your colleagues and it seems like everybody in the office has got you “fucked up” as well.

Ok. Now breathe. I get it. I’ve been there.

If you don’t have bail money or aren’t in a position to quit, here are a few strategies to help you “cope.”

Write it down, ball it up, toss it out

I can’t even begin to tell you how many trashcans I’ve filled up using this method. Working in a shitty corporate setting will do that to ya. Not only did this method provide immediate relief, but over time, I noticed that I wrote less and less notes. I began to regain my sanity without sacrificing my job. I began smiling more and became more engaged with the team. I kept it cordial with the folks that bothered me and focused on nurturing the healthier relationships.

Phone a friend and throw a bitch fit

The GroupMe app is heaven sent! My friends were the first group of people that knew how much I hated my last job. Of course they understood. Half of them calmed me down from slapping the hell out of my boss. Now the other half was willing and ready to show up and show out. Support is support. I’ve vented on numerous occasions……sometimes til I was in tears of frustration. I’ve gone out “for drinks” to de-stress til I damn near collapsed from being drunk. Here’s a secret.


There will be more days like this. It happens.

HOWEVER. There are a few housekeeping rules to keep in mind.

Begin with a hello, how are you? Don’t just jump straight into the bitch fit. Perhaps who you called was just about to call you for a bitch fit themselves.


Another housekeeping rule……always ask if it’s okay to vent. Again. Don’t just jump straight into the bitch fit. Simply but respectfully put, sometimes……


I have been the friend that has felt that way and I’ve also been on the other end of that when I was told “Racquell, I don’t mean to be rude but I’m not really trying to hear that shit today.” I respected that. This person’s feelings were valid. I’ll be honest. It stung a bit but it also forced me to calm down even faster after I was met with this response. You’re also more likely to calm down quicker if you’re pressed for time to throw your fit.


Meditation is my go to. One can literally meditate anywhere…….including work. Taking a walk is a form of meditation. Closing your eyes and focusing on light is a surefire form of meditation. Focus on your breathing. Your heartbeat. I also think that music is a form of meditation. Try binaural beats. Listen to piano instrumentals. I have a “lovey dovey” playlist that never disappoints.

Mentally play out the scenario

Growing up, I thoroughly enjoyed watching the fights on Jerry Springer. Sometimes I would even turn the volume off and create the arguments for the foolish guests on the show. Who knew that years later, I’d be doing the same thing for situations within my own life. In some of my scenarios, I’ve even added “theme music.”


It’s hard. Between the year zooming by, a million retrogrades and a super strain of pollen hitting the air, you’re likely to be one telemarketer call away from snapping.

While it may be easier to maintain your sanity at home, many people are struggling to maintain it at work.

Regardless of where I’ve worked, my colleagues always commend me for keeping my cool (for the most part). But what they don’t know is that I do indeed get upset but I try my best to not allow people to see me sweat. Actually I have (in my head) physically assaulted quite a few people. Heavy emphasis on “in my head” of course.

Now that I’m in a field that requires me to keep a poker face, I have to work double time to keep a level head. I use these techniques several times a day. Perhaps they will work for you too.




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