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May I Have Your Attention Please

This year, up to this point, has been quite the rollercoaster. It has been full of new beginnings, freedom and rediscovering purpose. After four and a half years at my job, I finally received a promotion that would allow me to utilize my grad degree and have hella money in the bank. I thought I’d finally made it. For all of the money I had in the bank, I was in the negatives mentally and emotionally. For the first time in my life, I quit my job and enjoyed a four month sanity sabbatical. I’d encourage anyone to do so if you are in a financial position to do so. Within that time I got back everything that I had given to this “job.” I got my physical health back. I got my peace of mind back and gained a much deeper understanding of myself an day place in the world. Those four months were also full of setting intentions and seeing them manifest.

One of the intentions that I set was to not only know when it was time to return to the workforce, but to also be presented with a position that I was supposed to be in. I knew that this position would allow me to wake up, work, walk and continue to live in my purpose- which is to be a light for others. It was manifested at the beginning of November when I received the call about a high school teaching position. I knew. This was it.

I received confirmation from friends and family with “why hadn’t you considered teaching before” comments. A few, “I’m glad, they need people like you” responses. And there were a few more “you’re brave for teaching high schoolers” remarks. I wish that I could say that I was nervous. I wasn’t. None of my degrees are in education. I simply teach with what’s in my head and my heart for the students. But I honestly think that’s what’s giving me the fuel I need is the very fact that I’m where I’m supposed to be.

And here I am. A month in and I’ve never been more excited to actually go to work everyday! Many will say that it’s because I started mid-semester. My friends (that know me best) will correct you that it’s because I’m finally working in purpose. I enjoy making a difference everyday that I’m given an opportunity to not only teach but to inspire and I intend on keeping that same energy throughout the remainder of the school year.

Speaking of same energy, because I have returned to the workplace, I have been struggling with balancing my creative life (this blog) and my lesson plans. It’s tough but I’m determined to continue pursuing my passion for writing in addition to the requirements of teaching. Nevertheless, thank you all for continuing to read, support and encourage me along my journey. Thank you for valuing my transparency. And most importantly, thank you for your patience.


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