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Toy Makes Faces- Latoya Pettiford

There’s so much information about makeup from YouTube to beauty blogs. But how much do you really know about proper makeup application, removal and skin care regimens? When was the last time that you treated yourself to a facial? A waxing? If you’re in need of someone to get you started, I’m here to point you in the right direction. Meet Toy!

Name: LaToya (Toy) Pettiford

Hometown: Mebane, NC

Age: 33

Business: Toy Makes Faces


This is how I began:


I started my beauty career back in 2007 with a skin care line called Origins, at their cosmetic counter in Belk department store. At the time I seriously needed a full time job, and came across an ad on, of all places, Craigslist. I applied and was hired on the spot. I learned so much about skin, product ingredients, and customer service. A year or so later the store planned to remove the counter so I was offered a position with a different brand, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. That’s where my love of cosmetic art began. Origins was awesome with laying the foundation and helping me understand skin, but Bobbi is where I learned creative and and artistic techniques for makeup application. The brands really went hand in hand and 10 years later, I am still so thankful for that random ass Craigslist ad.

And then


While I worked at Bobbi Brown full time I started Toy Makes Faces as a side hustle for bridal makeup maybe around 2013. I also offered my services for other special occasions like graduations, birthday parties, etc. but I didn’t get serious about making Toy Makes Faces a legit business until I accidentally became an entrepreneur around 2015. I assisted in running 2 different companies with a former boyfriend. Having the freedom to plan my day and work schedule was the most amazing part of becoming an entrepreneur.


I always say “Fuck the money. It will come.” but obviously I have bills so making money is definitely important. LOL. But truly, the time flexibility and not having to answer to anyone but myself are the things I love most. So in 2017 I decided I was going to get my esthetics license in order to offer makeup and waxing services to my current clients in a salon or spa setting, instead of being mobile. I completed the certification at Leon’s Beauty School in September 2018 and realized I enjoy a lot more than JUST makeup and waxing so I have a full salon service list including lash extensions, chemical peel facials, back treatments, beard grooming treatments, and so much more.

I knew I was on the right path when


When I announced I was going to school I was overwhelmed but not surprised about how many people supported the decision. People I never did makeup for wanted facials or to be waxed. And the people I did makeup for wanted to try my other services. It was an amazing feeling to know I’m walking in my purpose, to make people feel and look their best.

There was one instance


Before I started school I was so stressed about money. Hell, while IN school I was stressed about money but my supporting cast allowed me to take the time I needed to get those 4 months behind me to meet a goal that will set me up for the future of my business. I’m glad I didn’t avoid going and I’m even more happy that I didn’t quit when I was unsure about it.


And now


At this point I am 2 months passed getting my license and have been working as an independent contractor with a great friend who owns her own shop. She has allowed me to grow and bloom in my talents under her roof. She is so supportive and she knows when it’s all said and done I’ll move on to my own space and build my own empire. But until then I’m so thankful to her and to all the new and old clients I have been able to serve since getting my license. Toy Makes Faces wouldn’t be what it is if it wasn’t for the people who cheered me on, booked me, reviewed me, thanked me and gave me the confidence to do something I didn’t even know I wanted to do.


If I could do it all over again I would


I don’t think I would change the path, maybe tweak it here and there, but overall everything happened as it was meant to. I needed the turbulence to appreciate the calm.


But if I could share any advice it would be


Entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone. When I say I hated punching a clock 35 hours a week, that doesn’t mean I work LESS. In fact, I work MORE, HARDER, and LONGER hours. But they’re my hours. If things don’t go the way I planned, the only person I have to blame is myself. So self awareness and accountability are the most important things to remember in entrepreneurship. Because failing isn’t an option. It’s almost guaranteed. But what do you do with those failures? Collect them, study them, grow from them.


Find her here

Instagram @Toymakesfaces




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