Who Brought the Potato Salad?

This blog has two parts.

Part 1: Avoid looking stupid in front of family and friends

Part 2: Avoid getting fired at the office potluck

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Everyone is eager to showcase their cooking talents right? So you’ve found your way to the sign up sheet for the work potluck. Or you’ve agreed to bring something to the family gathering. This is the ultimate opportunity to prove yourself. Do you stick to what you know (and bring cutlery or drinks) or do you use this time to try a new recipe? Or this year you may be bold enough to go completely left field by trying your hand at one of grandmas recipes. What better recipe to risk it all for than the potato salad….

which brings me to part 1: avoid looking stupid in front of family and friends.

Here in the south, there are a few things that are off limits. Young folks ain’t old enough to make it. Old folks don’t measure a damn thing kinda dishes.

They are:

Macaroni and cheese

Potato Salad

Corn puddin

Banana puddin

Sweet potato pie


Anything cooked with a slice of bacon or ham in it

Anything traditionally cooked in a cast iron skillet

Don’t show up with boxed mac and cheese.


Or Walmart potato salad. Or canned Glory greens. Oh and just don’t come if you’re bringing a Patty pie (although I think they are good).

Family time also ain’t the time for Pinterest recipes. Stick to what you know.

On the other hand, Pinterest recipes are appropriate for potlucks at work. It never fails. You botched the recipe but bring it anyway. Some coworker lovessssssss it and can’t stop talking about it and encouraging everyone to try it. Meanwhile what they bought is in the break room trash….all season-less and undercooked.


How to Avoid getting fired at the office potluck

Get taste portions of everything. Better safe than sorry

Spit out the food into a napkin when need be

Don’t comment on the pecans and raisons on the potato salad……..we know they don’t go on there

Eat at your own risk……folks don’t wash their hands

Eat at your own risk……folks cook in dirty kitches

Eat at your own risk……folks allow their animals on the counters


Sorry to remind you of what you already knew.

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