Shannon Baskett- Fashion Designer

Do you ever get tired of buying clothes? Or how about rocking other people’s brands? Have you considered starting your own clothing line? I know someone who did just that! Meet Shannon!


Name: Shannon Baskett

Hometown: Henderson, NC

Age: 31

Business: Fashion Designer

It all started…….

when I was in high school, I would cut up my clothes. Draw on them with permanent markers and glue on rhinestones. Every time I went to a party I had on custom clothes. A friend from high school recently inboxed me and told me she found an old business plan of mine where I had written out what designs I wanted for my clothing line. Lol. She hasn’t sent me a picture yet, but Im anxious to see it.

Years later at the age of 26, I asked my mom for her old sewing machine. “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”, right?!


And then

I couldn’t thread the dern thing properly. 3 people showed me how to thread it but it still wouldn’t work for me. Instead of giving up, one morning I went to Walmart and purchased an updated version. I was able to thread this machine with my eyes closed but I still ran into issues. I kept breaking needles. I was running back and forth to Walmart late at night, buying needles or other sewing supplies. It was one thing after another so that made me think….maybe this is something Im meant to be great at. Looking back, that was true! Thank God I pushed past the resistance!


After getting past all those sewing machine issues. I purchased a lot of fabric and began creating. I started a ready made clothing line prematurely and failed. So I started doing custom items as requested. Now Im working on a ready made line again. I have grown from my mistakes. This time it will be official. Yay!! Im more skilled, more educated and more dedicated. Amen.

Im multitalented and I wish I would have started to perfect my skills at an earlier age.

But if she could share any advice it would be:

Don’t despise small beginnings. Starting at the bottom is necessary; better than never starting at all. Motivational quotes are encouraging but that doesn’t get the job done…. you must put in a lot of work. Entrepreneurship looks enticing but it is WORK. Its not just for show, you must constantly work when nobody is watching and when nobody is clapping. Don’t expect someone to promote you, promote yourself! Persistence is power; be resilient. Seek wise council when necessary. Read daily. Ive heard people say “do it for your enemies”, that can motivate you but don’t go into entrepreneurship to impress your enemies. Do it for your future self….do it for your future lineage!! People that are too familiar with you won’t always see the greatness on the inside of you. Be ok with that! The ones who need your gifts will acknowledge and appreciate you. And sometimes people will want you to work a regular job because thats what they do; Ignore all of that!! If you have the work ethic that it takes….GO AND GET IT!! See ya at the top!


Stay up to date with Shannon’s creations!

Follow her on IG: @shannbaskett

Like her Facebook page @shannbaskett (Shannon)


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