Self Discovery

Going To The Chapel and We’re Gonna Get Married

I have a confession………….I’m getting married!!!!!!! We have been planning our announcement for quite some time now. Well the cats out the bag!


Just practicing! I’m not engaged. No where near close. Y’all know I play too much right? However, let me tell you about my secret obsessions with weddings.


Fortunately, I’ve been to a million weddings and I can say this. No wedding is ever the same. I’ve always marveled at the color schemes of the bridal party, décor, passion in the vows and most importantly the joyous fellowship that typically accompanies weddings. The earliest memory of a wedding that I’ve attended was way back in nineteen ninety something. I fully remember them walking down the aisle to For You by Kenny Lattimore (along with everyone else because it had just come out). Since that day I’ve dreamt about that song being played at mine. Not only am I a sucker for the lyrics in the aisle song, but I’m kinda obsessed with the rest of the processional music as well………to the point where I have multiple playlists with processional and reception music that needs to be in mine. I’d share it but if I’m invited to your wedding and you’re playing my playlist, it’s going to be a problem.


It should come as no surprise that back in 2016, I took an actual course in Wedding Planning and Directing. The icing on the cake. All pun intended. (You didn’t know? OMG! You do now!). Just when I thought that weddings couldn’t get any more detailed, I was presented way more information. I learned a valuable lesson. Weddings can be as simple or as complicated as the bride and groom allow them to be. Everything adds up, and quickly.


I mean I’ve only been planning my own wedding my entire life. If asked right now, all I’d need to do is pick a date and all my fiancé would need to do is show up.


Oh it gets worse.


This is how I’d imagined my life would go.


In a perfect world:


During my sophomore year of college I was supposed to meet my future husband (but not know it yet) at random and actually NOT like him initially.


During my junior year we’d begin dating because it turns out that we actually have more in common than I thought. And he’s actually kinda cute.


During our senior year we’d do EVERYTHING together including living together and taking as many classes as possible TOGETHER.


The following year, he’d propose and the year after we’d marry, buy our first home and pop out a few kiddos.


None of that shit happened.


Now at twenty-eight, I’m living the best life that I’d never imagined for myself.


Do I still aspire to be married?




But at this age, I realized that it’s not just about being married for the bragging rights. My goal is for a healthy marriage. Healthy being the operative word. That requires the patience and teamwork that I haven’t been exposed to yet. Now of course, the older you are, the nosier folks (especially family) become about your marital status, with some even questioning my sexual orientation because I’m so “behind schedule.”


I assure you that those will be the folks calling about an invitation that will never get sent.


I’m good love, enjoy.


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