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Space Force…..Y’all Hiring?

Date:September 5, 2018

Dear Donald Trump:

I am writing today in regards to becoming a cadet in the United States Space Force Academy. I am excited that this position aligns perfectly with my goals and experiences.

I currently hold a BA in Psychology, an MBA and four and a half years worth of experience in dealing with the same level of poor leadership that your current organization consists of. During this time I mastered the art of dealing with stupidity, lack of communication, disorganization and successfully functioning within dysfunction. My experiences have absolutely no correlation to the position in which I am applying. I am confident that this makes me a highly qualified candidate. I have a strong passion for finessing the organization if allowed to become a cadet. I look forward to being presented the opportunity.

If you would like to further discuss my qualifications, please @ me on Twitter.

Best regards,

Racquell Royster
Creativity Coach











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