Days Ago I Met the Sunrise

Days ago I met the sunrise

He had dreadlocks and Carolina blue eyes

It was as if my imagination was running from me again

His intellect matched mine

His words were like music

Passionate and full of soul

I was ready for whatever journey we were about to begin

I explained to him that I’m an orange moon

An orange moon

Because I reflect the light of you

According to Ms. E badu

But even before then

It feels like the universe asked mr Hathaway to write a song for you

Days ago I hesitated

Before we meditated

Because sometimes I can’t control my hands

I danced with ideas in my head

That I’d get to play with your trumpet

And you’d banish the other soul ties to distant lands

Days ago I kissed silk

Well not real silk

It was just YOUR lips

The sunrise and the moon kissed

Some would call that an Eclipse

Days ago I slept beside a king

It was everything that I’ve dreamed

You worshipped my body like royalty

We danced to an intimate tune

Then you made my body sing

Days ago two worlds collided

What the universe conspired

For Facebook to be inspired by an add

Days ago the sunrise met the moon

When this woman met this man


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