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She’s Gotta Have It All Pt 2

I’m not wasting any time diving into the remainder of the show. Here goes!

Episode 6: He Got It All Mixed Up (Dyslexia)

Were yall wondering who the hell told Mars that he was dyslexic? Me too!

When Shamekka said that she was at the doctors office I hollered! I’m not sure if she was still high on the hydrocodone from the first round of butt injections or what. As if it wasn’t sketchy the first time around! The real question here is how much ass is too much ass?

If you can relate watching Mars bike Nola’s art to the gallery only to find out that he hadn’t even been invited, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but you sir are the Mars in your current situation. Hey, I’m just a messenger.

Mars dropped quite a few gems in this episode despite his “dysliptia.” Yes. His words. Verbatim.

  • I’m of the last generation to be hired and the first to be fired
  • Protect your neck when you sticking it out for other people

Bet ya didn’t even realize that the new Nola met the original Nola in this episode. Go back to around 19:00 minutes. Yep. The original Nola Tracy Camilla Johns. And did you know she also played Uniqua in New Jack City? Of course I’d notice these things! I’ve got all the time in the world on my hands. You learned something new today. You’re welcome.

Listen, if I just got my butt done, Eddie Scissors would have been the last person that I wanted to be near. Shamekka’s butt deserved its own zip code. And when she “popped that booty” there were no tears shed.

Nola’s dad (Stokes) got all the cool points when he tried to crack a joke by referencing my favorite book Their Eyes Were Watching God.

Was it just me or did anyone else agree that Nola deserved the review that she got. She was a hot mess when asked about her own artwork.

Episode 7: How To Make Love To A Negro Without Getting Tired

I gather that if I ever met the actor that plays Greer Childs in real life, I’d probably forget that he’s simply acting and avoid him at all cost. That’s exactly how annoyed I am with his character. I still find it ironic that the only person that he sees as competition is Opal. Why is that?

Now what in the world was Jamie thinking getting that gigantic painting of Nola and putting it in the house?  What in the Jerry Springer mess was that about?

Jamie and Nola’s initial meeting was interesting to say the least. Hell I almost forgot to check the ring finger myself when he started talking. But isn’t that always the case with “them married men.”

Poor thing missed Nola so much that he decided to check out his wife again. But that ain’t none of my business.

Episode 8: Love Don’t Pay Da Rent

It was super dope how Spike incorporated the mock reactions of the cast after the announcement of 45’s upcoming reign of terror. Cuz a real klowns got da nuclear code.

Jamie and Cheryl’s argument in his office….wayment. So Nola isn’t the first woman he’s cheated on Cheryl with? That she knew about?

Well mam, ain’t no need to keep bringing it up if you just gon stay.

I felt Nola when that check got stopped. Everybody knows, I, Racquell, don’t play bout no money!

Ms. Raqueletta Moss dropped gems in this episode

Ms. Darling, you got to work the hustle, never let the hustle work you

This Winny/Jamie duo is all around sketchy. I’m ready for more context in Season 2.

Episode 9: Change Gon Come (Gentrification)

Nola’s homage to those who inspired her was heartfelt. Many of the names and faces were familiar. Some were not.

Heather Headley played the hell out of her role as Nola’s therapist Dr. Jamison.

I think everyone has that friend that we give the heads up to when prospective employers ask for references. “Hey so and so is gonna call you between now and Wednesday, maker sure you’re on your p’s and q’s please.”

Now I’m not really sure how I felt about Clorinda exposing Nola’s art. I would hope that the gesture wasn’t malicious but if it were, then it would be over the Mars mess that she seriously needs to let go of at this point. Even still, she should have consulted with Nola first.

If Papo painted the green gentrification sign on Bianca’s stoop, do you think that he would be hanging on the same stoop?  What a dummy! And then she had the nerve to call it reverse racism! Got Papo AND Nola arrested for nothing. Such a familiar story. Just ridiculous.

I’m a huge fan of writing letters. The letter that Nola wrote Jamie just warmed me right on up. Now about giving that $10,000 back, I’m not too sure. That was all business.

Episode 10: Nola’s Choice (3 Da Hard Way)

When I saw Nola pulling out all of those plates, I knew some real fuckery was about to commence and I was ready for it. I’m so glad that Mars got there first. I knew he was going to set the mood just right.

When Greer came in there with that Joker purple suit on, I wept tears of pure laughter.

And here I go, I mean Nola, just calm cool and collected like everyone is friends already.

Mars’ story about his conversation with Obama…….

…..but when they each tried to outshine each other, all I could do was sip tea. Pure comedy. Even though they were all uncomfortable, nobody left. NOBODY. Smoked together. Danced together. What a time to be alive!

See yall in Season 2!


3 thoughts on “She’s Gotta Have It All Pt 2

  1. Opal is the curve ball for Greer – he feels hes better than all the other men, but a woman is a little difficult to compete with. She’s the one that he feels he has to out do. I’m ready for season two i’ve got many unanswered questions and things I need to know more details on! Thanks for sharing!

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