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2018 Bring Yo Ass Here

Sorry y’all. I couldn’t resist. But hey everyone is doing it. Before bringing in the New Year twerking and drinking champagne amongst friends, I did quite a lot of reflecting on 2017. I’ll be pretty honest, 2017 was quite the rollercoaster that I wasn’t tall enough to ride for lack of better terms. But I made it. I have accepted full responsibility for my actions and consequences like I always do. I spent a majority of the year focusing on some serious self care and I came up with just a few things that hindered me from being my best self in 2017.

1. Treating other people better than I treat myself. Somewhere on Twitter I read how silly it is to always be the one to take the high road. That makes a whole lot mo’ sense than always being on the shitty end of things. But the way I was raised is that you simply turn the other cheek. Do y’all know how hard it was and still is to detox shit like that? I gave away so much energy to people, places and things and took my L’s with my head held high. Ok I’m reaching, I had my chin up for a few of the L’s but for others they broke me. I’ll admit it. You know the old saying “don’t cross an ocean for folks that wouldn’t jump a puddle for you?” Yep. That was me drowning most of 2017 carrying friendships and relationships on my back. It’s exhausting. Oh yeah, and I didn’t believe people when they showed me their asses the first time either. *inserts eye roll

2. Limiting myself to traveling within the US. It’s time to stamp that passport book up. I’ll admit I was terrified to go to DR (see last weeks post). But now that I’ve gotten a taste of international travel, I’m trying to figure out where to go next. There is so much beauty in this world and I have spent the last 27 years restricting myself to the US. So, if you are reading and want to travel and don’t have committed friends, shoot me an email!

3. Saying “I don’t know.” That was my go to. I actually started to appreciate it because it allowed me not to be bothered with things that I wasn’t interested in (especially at work). I saw how much this very statement hindered me over the years from starting this blog and applying for certain positions. Everything is in a book, on the internet or just a question away.

4. Allowing fear to keep me from being my best self (you wouldn’t believe how irrational some of them are).

5. Allowing myself to give minimal effort. This was in everything. And it’s not limited to just 2017. I can go pretty far back but to keep from embarrassing myself, I’ll go back to undergrad. Perhaps if I would have pushed myself to the max, I would have graduated with a higher GPA. Same applies to grad school even though a 3.0 isn’t too bad. My biggest excuse was my anxiety. But it was just that for most things, an excuse.

Lists keep me focused and organized, so pardon how many I use. I also made a list of the things that I’ve already started doing. I couldn’t afford to wait until the new year.

1. Become a minimalist. After being in DR as a local and not a tourist, I realized how much shit I don’t need. I have about eight good cookbooks that I don’t use. At this point they’re just for looking at right along with the electrical appliances that I don’t use either. I stopped buying new clothes at the beginning of December just as practice. I’ve made it past the 21 days it takes to break a habit so I can safely assume that I won’t die if I miss another opportunity to use City Cash at New York and Company. Ohhhh but it doesn’t stop there. I did the same thing with hair products as well as my fridge. Folks are super surprised to see how bare the fridge is. I assure you I’m not starving. I only purchase what’s necessary. Meals are prepped. See number six.

2. Read 52 books. Yep. That’s 1 per week. This should be a breeze. There are plenty of books on my shelf that haven’t been read yet, but I continue to buy more like the hoarder I am. Refer to number one. Just finished book one for this week. Somewhere in the World Wide Web, I read that excessive reading is a habit of millionaires. If that’s what you want your reason to be cool. I, however, am just a bookworm. Reading takes me away from reality but also manages to keep me focused. If you need reading suggestions shoot me a message. I have recommendations for days. Also be on the lookout for the first Pretty Dope Reads Book Club meeting if you’re in the Greensboro NC area. Oh yeah, I’m NOT loaning out any books this year. So don’t ask. eBay works the same for everyone.

3. Complete a full years worth of blogging. There will be a full celebration at the one year mark so stay up to date. This journey has been amazing thus far and will only continue to get better. I know it. I feel it. I also enjoy encouraging others to start blogging as well. This is another reason why I don’t take suggestions on what to write about. If you’ve suggested something to me, more than likely I have suggested that YOU start writing and I will help in any capacity I can to get your blog off the ground. I already have enough ideas floating around in my head that I have yet to write down. Outside of my own, I have connected many other bloggers online its bananas! And it won’t stop. I added a blogs I follow widget so that you can check out these amazing writers. Pretty Dope Right is only going to get more doper. Peep the vision statement.

4. Volunteer more. Surprisingly I do a lot of volunteer work, but you will NEVER see me post about most of it. When it comes to certain things, I prefer to remain behind the scenes. I do it out of passion, not for recognition. I have a very soft spot for the elderly and homeless women. If there are any service projects that you are associated with and are in need of volunteers for, let me know.

5. Teach myself Spanish (since obviously taking classes didn’t work). I’ve got a few ideas for some things I could do if Spanish becomes an asset. Now listen, I took Spanish in high school and undergrad. What does that mean now? NOT A DAMN THING.

6. Actually get the abs. Through the eyes of others, my body looks amazing. To me, I’m kinda sorta shaped like Wendy Williams. But in preparation for this vacation I started working out and dieting in October. 21 days to start a habit. 90 days it’s a lifestyle. I’ll be going way harder. I’d like Tina Turner arms, washboard abs and a Georgia booty. Ridiculous but not unattainable. With remaining in the gym I’d also like to continue meal prepping. Not only does meal prepping help me to focus on my nutrition but it also cuts out dishes. Try it for yourself.

7. I woke up January 1 and the first order of business was to unsubscribe from all those damn emails. I’m super tired of clutter and meaningless information. I don’t want anymore promotions.

Moral of the story is just make the moves. Talk is cheap.


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