It’s Just Hair

Bald headed. Blonde. Red. Mohawks. Curly. Blown out. Cornrows. Box braids. Bantu knots. Marley twists. For the life of me I can never decide what to do next. There are just so many options to choose from. But at the end of the day, it’s all just hair. I’ve found that whatever I do to my hair, one thing that needs to remain constant is it’s health.

Y’all know I LOVED my blonde hair. That one time I took it platinum blonde and looked like Sisqo (per my grandma) was a highlight in my hair journey. 40 volume developer was no joke. It cost me. Not only had I completely destroyed my hair, but I also had to nurse it back to life. That took time, patience, lots of money for products and lastly trial and error. It would be lovely if I could use everyone’s go to staple- coconut oil. Unfortunately I have quite an allergy to it. There are a few products with small concentrations of coconut (sometimes labeled as coco neferius) that I can use such as Aussie and Camille Rose. Anything beyond that and I’m scratching more than a kid with chickenpox. I gave the oils a shot for a brief moment before it hit me.

Think about it. As a kid your hair grew like wildfire right? This was with no thanks to relaxers and hot combs with no heat protection. All the “bo-bos” and beads and rubber bands that were purchased between 1990 and 1999 probably could have funded my college education. We relied so heavily on protective styling and somehow got away from it. But what else did grandma use on your hair? Let’s all say it together. Blue Magic hair grease! Or any variation of grease. You smell it in your nose right about now don’t you? Probably wiping your forehead at the memory of grease cooking your edges during the summer months when whoever did your hair got a little too heavy handed. I can recall having hair down my back in the 6th grade before folks came along with the “don’t use grease, use oil instead” movement. Well folks, I’m back on the hair grease. This has been the healthiest that my hair has ever been.

Now by no means am I trying to convince you to start using grease again (natural hair internet vultures, please don’t come for me). I’m simply sharing my journey. Nobody ever believes me when I tell them my maintenance routine. Their response is usually “seriously?” That’s it. That’s the secret. Whatever you do to and with your hair, just make sure that you are protecting it, cleaning it, and keeping it moisturized. And as I always say, if it ain’t growing, it ain’t healthy.

7 thoughts on “It’s Just Hair

  1. Looking at your pictures reminds me of my hair journey! lol i’m quick to do a chop and color! but seriously tho, I am going to try going back to grease! Since i’ve been back natural i’ve been having the hardest time finding products that really work like i want them to. Seems like my usually products aren’t it! Pray for me! lol

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