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Kicking It Up A Notch


That’s exactly what I was when I first ordered my personal business cards for Pretty Dope Right. I spent almost 3 hours going through different formats and fonts trying to find the perfect one. I was like a kid in a candy store. And then there was the logo part which I still don’t have. To hell with it. I wanted these done as soon as possible in time for homecoming. I’d much rather give out business card than my phone number. Hopefully folks will be sober enough to remember the person that gave them the card.

The basic design is from Vistaprint but the remainder of the content is all mine. I ran the card idea by a few folks and the question that everyone had was- are you going to add your social media handles?  Quite honestly… Everything that anyone needs to know is on my website. I can be contacted here. All of my social media handles are connected. I just want users to actually visit my site. Even if they don’t go back and read all of it, at least check some of it out.

The blogs are and will continue to be all over the place. That’s how my mind operates. Nothing fancy about it. I write as I go but most of it comes to me at work. Apparently that’s when I do my most “creative thinking.” When I’m not jotting down ideas at work, I write in random places like my car, at restaurants, mid convo with other people. Hell I’m in a work meeting right now writing this one.

I post my blogs every Wednesday at 10am. Then I hound my friends and family to death about reading it and watch excitedly as my views and visitors counters go up. I celebrate that night with an Epsom salt soak accompanied by a glass of wine. On Thursday and Fridays I allow my brain to rest and recharge. I believe that this will keep me from burning out. That’s also another reason why I only post once a week. Saturdays and Sundays are what I’d like to think of as my peak days. I can spend hours on end writing. I also don’t just work on one blog at a time. I’ve always got material lined up (currently 20 weeks worth of content ready to roll). I add to them. I take away from them. Most (99%) of my blogs are written in a notebook before they are typed up on Monday and reread and edited to death until Tuesday night after I’ve “slept on it.” It’s saved as a draft until 9:59 Wednesday morning when I hit the publish button. This isn’t a formula for blog writing, simply my method.

What is my end goal you ask? Truth is…..there isn’t one. I just like to write about what I want to write about. It’s therapeutic. I just hope that all the right people read it. If money ever becomes involved in the equation, I legit just want to make enough to pay off my car, student loans, quit my job, write with Issa Rae and travel with Milo. Is that too much to ask? That would be pretty dope right?

*ps go visit the Creatives You Should Know section, you just might see your name



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