That One Time I Tried to Write a Book

I began working on this material sometime last year. Like Forrest Gump, one day I felt like writing………

It was released in 1994. Mr. Robert Kelly’s Bump and Grind. Now I didn’t know what bumping and grinding was but all I knew was that I wanted to do it in the worst way. I knew from an early age that sex gave you powers. And if this is what being on crack felt like then I knew exactly why people become addicted. There is so much magic in bodies being intertwined. Sweating. Panting. Gripping sheets. Changing positions. Tongue biting. The whole six. The whole nine. Hell the sixty nine! I’m a big fan. Any emotion that humans express can be seen during sex. I’ve found myself toting panties in my pocket plenty of mornings before class or work. Happy shame. 

But fast forward to the here and now. With me listening to Meshell Ndegocello and playing with a dildo. I’m 26. No kids. No husband. A queen size pillow top bed. And the sex drive of a porn star. Where did I go wrong? 

Let’s take it back to middle school. Yes middle school. I’ve always been an avid reader. There is nothing like getting into a good read and forgetting all time and space. Well for me the game changed when I graduated from Nancy Drew mysteries and Babysitters Club adventures. I got my hands on my aunts book Chocolate Flava by Zane. What in the world did I do that for? My life hasn’t been the same since! My grandparents have always prided themselves in having a non-trouble making bookworm for a grandkid but they were utterly clueless as to what I was reading as long as my head was in a book. But it wasn’t in the clouds either. It was in orgies. It was in sex therapy sessions. It was in the back of cars with the windows fogged up from hot sweaty sex. These books carried me all the way through high school. They extended beyond my burning desire to wanna “do it”. Beyond stuffing my bra with tissue to get at least an A cup. Right on up until I gladly gave up my V card my freshman year of high school. And so it begins…….Kitty: The Memoir

And that was as far as I got

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